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BSC, CA – Several things are trending at the moment and I don't know whether any are getting real play in the Establishment canned news. The most recent is the squashed opening of Solo: A Star Wars Story. As a person who lost interest in the series after The Force Awakens but gave a look at Rogue One as a needed piece of the original trilogy, I wasn't around to see what the fallout from The Last Jedi was based on.

TLJ divided the fan base along the cultural divide of long time fans and those familiar with the brand. As it was, about half the movie goers liked it and the other half hated it. This half hated the movie's direction, plot holes, missed opportunities, and disregard for the original hero leads, Hans, Luke, and Leia Poppins. Along with absurd ploys as a given, old loose ends were paved over to make a new story road rather than continue as before, replacing beloved characters with newbies that fizzled for one reason or another.

All avenues for this fan disappointment, and there were many, led back to top exec Kathleen Kennedy, the woman who took over the Star Wars reigns after Disney bought the franchise from George Lucas for 4 extra-large; billion with a 'B'. But both TFA and TLJ made money so plans were on to produce SOLO, a stand alone back story. Based off the few SOLO previews I saw at other films, it didn't seem to pop for me. Turns out my Spidey sense was correcto-mundo.

Sooooo, how bad was it????

Our next swamp thing concerns the volcano erupting under and flowing over the big island of Hawaii. You see those fountains of lava spurting up like thick soup but you have no idea what this really looks like unless you are really there and can see the fascination to it, or you have worked in a foundry and seen liquid, molten metal being poured to make parts. There is a destructive beauty to in as you watch various things succumb to the soup-like fire.

Although I am not sure just how much of this story is making the nightly news but this next video covers a point I bet doesn't get much coverage. That would be the suspected cause of this latest volcano eruption and it has nothing to do with the volcano goddess unless she doesn't like to get fracked, but who does.

Politically speaking, on the other side of the pond Britain seems to have taken a turn for the worst by pinching a loaf on the Magna Carta. Pedophilia isn't just something to watch a Comet Pizza vid about, this is a worldwide affliction afforded to people of a certain ilk. Chinese records from 300BC indicate that this appetite goes back for at least that far. Though there are good people doing a hard job, worldwide reports show child trafficking a vein of scum stuck like a slug on the pulse of humankind. Lately, this topic has crossed over into the political in England, leading to Stalinist tactics against free speech and a free press. Here's the latest on Tommy Robinson, from Alex Jones.

Trending again after an almost two years' absence is the case against the misuse of power and crony capitalism of the Clinton-Obama cabal, brought back to the surface by the red herring Russian Collusion false dossier, reported here back in the day. What is coming back to the surface is the Anthony Weiner laptop files tie-in from his sexting an underage teen in high school. No wonder this guy's future was so bright, as was reported in the mainstream press. What's that motto about a bad penny? A pedo jew, a Brotherhood sister [Arab], and Hillary Clinton. It sounds like the start to a joke but who couldn't see this backpack ticking?

Now the President and elements of Congress are bucking the Deep State over Spygate, bigger than Watergate. This is something out of the political thriller 'Z'.

And now this last item that you may have heard a snippet about. is from the guy cleaning up the swamp. Dissed by the mainstream press [except FOX News] and the vocal 'black community' in Washington, read Democrats, President Trump righted a long overdue wrong. Why? Because he knows the art of the fair deal.

Here's a second opinion.

Have a great weekend, and keep it sticky.

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