Tuesday, July 24, 2018


"Fate determines whether you live or die." Thor, Infinity Wars -

BSC, CA – What a week, especially the way the week ended. Talk about who could have seen it coming? Not James Gunn, that's for sure. For you eschatology fans, this is another fulfillment of the 'stars shall fall from the sky'. Stars in this case meaning Hollywood stars. In the biggest letdown for us fans who don't follow Hollywood that close since Kevin Spacey, James Gunn, vaulted producer-writer of the Guardians of the Galaxy series, was fired early Friday for his tweets in the years 2009-2012.

At a time when the Mouse that roared can ill afford any more bad PR due to the pending FOX deal, something the shareholders, not the Board of Directors, are still contemplating. This latest faux pas also refocuses the public light back unto the theme of pedophiles in high places just as the Podesta brothers are rumored to be getting an immunity deal [for everything] from Mueller. PizzaGate won't go away because it is real. Face it folks, the world is evil. Now Fate is spanking that behind.

Gunn had just handed in the script for GotG Vol.3 so the fate of that movie is unclear. The movie producer shot off his mouth concerning Trump [who isn't, right?] and then in another political rant, called Ben Shapiro an asshole. That angered some Ben friends and since this all took place on twitter, those friends went back to Gunn's twitter feed and found some gut-churning tweets that will not be repeated here. Suffice to say, once the tweets became known to a wider audience, say Star Wars fans, the you-know-what hit the fan faster than the Flash. When will Hollywood learn? People who live in bubbles shouldn't throw stones.

Monday, July 23, 2018



BSC, CA – Coming off a surprising late week news rush, see next story, I had no time to research and write it up before my next assignment hit, return to NoHo [North Hollywood for any new readers] for the last showing of the 2009 filmed documentary about Jack Herer, named after his best selling, eye-opening magnum opus, The Emperor Wears No Clothes. The film was produced and co-directed by Melissa Balin, seen below.

As I said, coming off the news in the next story and my smooth Friday the 13th trip through NoHo the week before gave this visit a different verve. Because you have to remember, LA is a strange town, an international town. So it can be as enchanting as a faerie [fairy] circle. Feelings like this don't smack you in the face, they linger like a scent. And no one can say this NoHo gathering for the last showing isn't a curious lot, starting with Melissa, whose aunt was a show biz professional.

The Crocodile Dundee-looking individual standing next to Melissa in the shell band hat did have an accent. His family had a direct tie-in to Lech Wałęsa, the labor activist who helped form and led (1980–90) communist Poland’s first independent trade union, Solidarity. Sebastian Nanya, as it turned out, is a reader and is holding a signed copy of Memoirs of Mr. Pete & Mary Jane Green. I had brought two copies with me like a Bible salesman.

Thursday, July 19, 2018

TGIF the 13TH


BSC,CA – For many mainstream people a Friday the 13th is considered to be an unlucky day. However, for others exactly the opposite is true. Take for instance, the opening of Murrieta's Best Buy store, still in its original location. That Friday weekend clocked the valley. The store was like the morning rush at LA's Union Station. As a grand opening employee, I remember the occasion well, as I do the gleam in the store manager's eye when he announced that we would open on Friday the 13th, in October. The store has never looked back.

After finishing my report for Everything420.com about the coming two year anniversary of the Friday Night Sesh, I realized I had to return and cover this special event that was making history. Making some arrangements, things started to connect as soon as I booked the very last room available at my favorite hostel. Though timing is always a factor when traveling public transit, my path was straight and cool, like The Fonz was watching over me.

So it was that a week after LA suffered the severity of stifling heat and humidity that led to a postal worker's demise on the job, I again found myself in Canoga Park, but under more favorable conditions. There was excitement in the air.

Monday, July 9, 2018


DO THE MATH, #8, #4, AND #1 -

BSC, CA – If you are anywhere in southern California, you are indoors. It's hot, hot, hot and I don't mean that in an eye candy way. Here in Riverside after a pleasant spring into the first week of the season, it went from the 90s straight into the triple digits. LA was even worse because they had humidity with the heat. [How bad was it? People were driving around in air conditioned cars handing out cold water to anyone outside walking. I know, I was one of those walking.]

One of the tastiest ways to cool off even at the beach is with ice cream, as in a malt or a shake. And when it comes to great shakes, not the DQ ones but the ones that get ranked as great shakes, Palm Springs lays claim to the Number 1 in the land, aptly named what else, Great Shakes. But what's this? I was in Riverside. Another tasty mystery for this 'Lois Lane' to solve.

And the ranking: #1 in California, #4 in America, #8 Worldwide. Not too shabby. In the Riverside Plaza restaurant row, at least three other spots offer shakes and malts, so I was curious as to what makes this shake so great? Make the jump to find the answer.

Monday, July 2, 2018


WHY TLJ IS A HACK JOB [Breaking] -

BSC, CA – There is no doubt that the level of corruption in DC has filtered down to the hoi poloi outside the area that owns the country occultly. On the opposite end a grave injustice has been dealt long time and real Star Wars fans. With the deliberate tanking of Solo spearheaded by this passionate center, connected now by social media, and the general public, the cause is clear. 'The Force Awakens was garbage and The Last Jedi was double garbage' – Ben Shapiro

Following this breaking, still under the radar compared to Trump, news is the disgust and disdain for The Last Jedi, directed by Rian Johnson, nicknamed 'Roundhead' by some fans because of his appearance. The movie was subversive and divided the fandom down the middle for various reasons, but the lash back by the studio personnel was a bit over the top. Troll sites set up and used for MSM references sealed the deal for this Lois Lane nose.

Sniffing out a story is just like it sounds, except the vibe is what smells on a metaphysical level, aka, a hunch. In my Star Wars controversy research following a number of sites on the front line, the latest item was the Saturn Award being given to Roundhead, I mean, Rian Johnson. He won for Best Screenplay, The Last Jedi. Now this seemed like insult was being added to injury, that is until...

Make the jump, this ain't click bait.

Sunday, July 1, 2018



BSC, CA – Coming off a recent junket to deliver a present rather than receive one which netted the comment, “Oh yeah, this is gonna piss a lot of people off,” [music to an activist's ear], it's back to business. What better way of taking care of business than to save the planet. But the journey of 7.5 billion begins with just 30 million*.

Right now however, everyone can weigh in on another ominous plan from the Federal government, you know, the District of Columbia folks who brought you the dollar Bill owl, and the evil tied into the sacred geometry of DC, London, and the Vatican. If you have made it this far, here is the action needed and why.

Big Brother is bringing you a different name for the 'GMO' label. It's now called BE or bio-engineered food. Follow this link to weigh in with a comment for or against [duh, against] but it helps to read how these people see the rest of us [U.S.] outside of DC. There is a time constraint; Midnight, July 3rd!!