Sunday, September 30, 2018



BSC, CA – [Disclaimer, the theories and conclusions expressed here are completely personal and do not constitute agreement or platform with which to base an opinion for group, family, friend, or other anyone else. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.] Now back to “I don't usually vote Republican, but this time I was seeing the 2016 election race like a show. As an old activist from the Civil Rights days, it was as gruesome as it was awesome. What a cycle!

To start, this election featured a 'clown car' of Republicans, ranging from heir apparent Jeb Bush to guitar K em-bi-yows. The Democrats were more Establishment with just three choices; somebody, Hillary Clinton, and Bernie Sanders, a socialist candidate who switched parties when he realized that three parties don't work in a two party system. And there was one other candidate, Donald 'The Art of The Deal' Trump, a businessman and TV star. An odd mix to be sure and a delight to write about in the coming months.

As for me, well, it had been a long and winding road politically. I'd gone the way of the third parties, even registering as a Libertarian, as I believed in Liberty and Justice for All. But also over the years, as a person on other fronts, I have changed. One of the major changes is in the esoteric or realm beyond the five senses. Politics have become so pervasive in culture that you can't get away from the circus, whether you are a fan of the real world or the cosplay made-up comic movie world. A galaxy far, far away has suddenly become very, very close and encompassing.

Saturday, September 29, 2018



BSC, CA – I'm not a smart man when it comes to women but I know smart women. Luckily savvy women have been a part of my life and I was wise enough to realize it. In the heat of the moment, we are seeing political theatre for the Supreme Court Nominee, or show business for ugly people, as is said in Hollywood. Looks aside, the acting is first rate.

You have to admit, Trump is correct when he says that some Republicans have no fight in them. It makes sense once you understand the system. They are looking for players, folks. GMOs, weather warfare, political killings, these people play for real. It's the nature of the world and you need to know where you are, and when.

This latest piece of the Zardozed puzzle is the obvious Democrat stall tactic, but I guess those unfamiliar with chess just don't see the move. At any rate, the vid following the jump doesn't have any men, no matter the color or weight. As a guy, I know when it's time to tap out. I'll let a wonder woman call this actress' chops – female to female. Oh yeah!!

Wednesday, September 26, 2018



BSC, CA – Strap on your skates, Gordie, we're going in for a strafing run. To understand last night's SRO* public info meeting that happened at Riverside's University of California, we need to look at all the angles, not just the neighborhood's Kevin Dawson, pictured in our lead in shot. But before we get to the back story, we'd like to take a moment to welcome new readers aboard. We have a Vice attitude with a LIFE Magazine eye. Plug's over, let's move on.

The concept is simple: take a selected few high school kids, the cream of the crop and place them in an educational hotbox, a spot for them to grow and prosper, as Spock would say. You then have this group of privileged kids, all genders/races, and put them in a pristine environment with college age peers for atmosphere. You isolate this space from the outside world and cater special transportation routes. Funds for this plan for architects, contractors, lending etc., all come online. Everyone is happy, right? That's the theory, like Darwin.

Well, we all know of Darwin and his theory. They give an award to the most inventive person, you could say, to garner the honor every year, but I digress. Putting a high school on a University campus, while very novel and forward thinking, has been tried before. San Diego did it with special testing and chose the most disadvantaged youngsters to enter this special concept. LA, a town that I love, but took a $1,000,000 in grant money from Skid Row [sleep on the sidewalks type of place] and put it instead for the bankers with privilege in Bunker Hill, rewarding the elite, went the other way in choice. Last night was the first 'preliminary' meeting to be held according to a neighborhood suit led by the guy in the opening picture. Small world or usual tactics? Make the jump.

Saturday, September 22, 2018



BSC, CA – “If I ever get famous, I will not longer give my spoken opinion as I want to live my life left, in peace.” – PT Rothschild.

Having said that, our latest lead comes from comes from a place of espionage and murder. In the slew of rich and famous murder/suicides, all with a Clinton Foundation or critique tie-in, it's getting scary. The latest victim is just 35 yrs old and very accomplished, and a lobbyist in Washington, D.C.

Once again snooping around this mine shaft has yielded a vein of gold for a story, again as The Amazing Lucas would say, “Ooooh my guudnesss! I use Lucas because this latest story has black people written all over it and the latest part ends with Lucas' Dems theory. In short, this startling next puzzle piece begins with today's Step-n' Fetch'it, Reverend Al Sharpton, the Elite's fave preacher-man that keeps 'em colored Dems in line by the god they know. Ignants, right? Take the jump to see why this leads to a Washington lynch mob!

Friday, September 21, 2018



BSC, CA – If you didn't hear about the shooting at Rite Aid a few hours ago in Maryland, you can blame the news cycle since they have been headlining it for about 11 hours. But if you didn't know about the pending strike at Rite Aid OKed by the Fed, then blame those who control the mainstream news; they Alex Jones'd the union story because they don't want you to know anything worth knowing.

Thank God for real news and people not making six figures a year to tell you what you should eat, vote for, and believe in. Not so here. We present news you don't come across on the Clinton News Network. 

Posted above is the Rite Aid store at Canyon Crest in Riverside, CA. this afternoon. The crowd outside was vocal as if Linda Belcher was leading the chant but that's where the humor ended. Be sure to make the jump and find out why all the Thrifty Ice Cream in the world won't sooth these union workers. Meanwhile, details on the shooting are all over the fake news with no mention of psychotropic drug prescriptions but plenty of 2nd Amendment echo.

Tuesday, September 4, 2018



BSC, CA – Several things must be accepted for the following topic explored. The first is the writer has lived over 7 decades, so to think that the way you once felt is how you feel today is nonsense. The short side is you are grateful to have lived long enough to know how wrong you were X amount of years ago. The second is that during the time you were born determines your starting point in life so you can judge history by your memories. And third, you are the sum of your friends and enemies, especially if your friends know cannabis, cough, Lenard Nimoy and Aretha Franklin. They probably could have been saved.

But more about what you are led to believe in. You are led to believe all black people come from Africa, every one, and so African-American. No one on my branch of the family has a piece of African art hanging on their walls, but I can't speak for any other branches having never been to any of their homes. That's family*. I asked my grandmother about it back in the day when being from Africa became popular. All she did was wrinkle her nose up and say nobody on her side ever came from Africa, then short. Used to crack me up. I did own a dashiki when it was cool in the sixties.

If you have looked up Macumba and appease you find a curious relationship for words not chosen at random. On the next page you will see how black magic played on both sides of the coin, who did the fiddling, and how this whole thing was done so everyone believed the hoax because it was so believable, even enduring because it plays on everyone's ignorance. So let's start with the obvious. Why do most white folks believe blacks come from Africa?