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BSC, CA – Several things must be accepted for the following topic explored. The first is the writer has lived over 7 decades, so to think that the way you once felt is how you feel today is nonsense. The short side is you are grateful to have lived long enough to know how wrong you were X amount of years ago. The second is that during the time you were born determines your starting point in life so you can judge history by your memories. And third, you are the sum of your friends and enemies, especially if your friends know cannabis, cough, Lenard Nimoy and Aretha Franklin. They probably could have been saved.

But more about what you are led to believe in. You are led to believe all black people come from Africa, every one, and so African-American. No one on my branch of the family has a piece of African art hanging on their walls, but I can't speak for any other branches having never been to any of their homes. That's family*. I asked my grandmother about it back in the day when being from Africa became popular. All she did was wrinkle her nose up and say nobody on her side ever came from Africa, then short. Used to crack me up. I did own a dashiki when it was cool in the sixties.

If you have looked up Macumba and appease you find a curious relationship for words not chosen at random. On the next page you will see how black magic played on both sides of the coin, who did the fiddling, and how this whole thing was done so everyone believed the hoax because it was so believable, even enduring because it plays on everyone's ignorance. So let's start with the obvious. Why do most white folks believe blacks come from Africa?

The answer to that question is because of what they are told. They are taught this by culture, academia, and the one drop rule [see Dinesh D'Souza's Dead of a Nation]. In other words, if you ain't white, then you must be black, like there is a Blackland. Well Folks, there ain't. This is not to say that some blacks didn't come from Africa. Of course they did. But the majority of blacks didn't, they have just been told that too. Here's a video.

This isn't to say that bid whist didn't come down from the black roots as stated, just that playing bid whist wasn't something that all levels of blacks did, like wearing shoes. It was a cultural phenomena only done by some groups like swap meeting, except with more intensity. You wanted to come and represent. People who played bridge looked down on bid whist players but whist required more grandstanding, hence the 'talking shit' strategy.

Where do blacks come from? Pretty much everywhere if you count skin tone. The only real place of white skinned people way back then is China, who once shared a skin tone thing with Japan/other Asian cultures. I've known blacks from Alaska, Britain, along with Africa [Congo, Ethiopia, Uganda] and read about other blacks in Africa, Australasia, France, along with the other places you have read about. So what should you know about blacks. First they usually fall into two different types vaguely, cosmopolitan and down-home.

Though these two types seem self-explanatory, they are not because the down-home are separated into three types. Caught in the middle are the people who follow their ears, and this is where most black folks live. Fortunately this is also a generational gap and it comes from believing what you read or hear, and what you see.

Case in print comes from local sources, the Precinct Reporter, a San Bernardino free print, 8-page weekly aimed at the black marketplace just as the ads for Maxi-Foods are aimed at the Latino market. In Issue March 15, 2018 on the commentary page there are two articles, one by Congressman Cedric L. Richmond and the other by Charlene Crowell, respectively.

The first commentary has the headline, President Trump's FY 2019 Budget Hurts Blacks, in bold print and the second states, Access to Safe, Decent and Affordable Housing Threatened. Both articles denounce Trump or his policies. If Congressman Richmond's name isn't familiar it's because he is from Louisiana, 2nd District, imagine that. What has that to do with a black in California except propaganda for the Democrat [taking your skin color for granted] party?

Charlene Crowell seems a featured writer at the journal's commentary section and does indeed state facts resulting in depression of black wages, like the 1935 Security Program's 'New Deal excluding farm hands and domestics' in her fine piece from August 30, 2018, Black Wealth Still Plummeting. There are just two omissions. The first being that it was the DEMOCRATS that put in the provisions of those programs [see Dinesh D'Souza's Death of a Nation], and that the farm workers/domestics also included Latinos; but in those days people south of the border weren't illegal, they came and went as they pleased. This omission is the reason the addition of 'too' could have made the difference in black lives matter, just saying.

Gone are the days when the only source outlet was the barbershop, hairstylist, and church gossip route. Today's folks fall into mostly two categories, those that watch TV and agree; and those who watch TV but shake their heads. Here's a video about the two groups.

(*- While we have all moved out of state, there is one exception)

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