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BSC, CA – “If I ever get famous, I will not longer give my spoken opinion as I want to live my life left, in peace.” – PT Rothschild.

Having said that, our latest lead comes from comes from a place of espionage and murder. In the slew of rich and famous murder/suicides, all with a Clinton Foundation or critique tie-in, it's getting scary. The latest victim is just 35 yrs old and very accomplished, and a lobbyist in Washington, D.C.

Once again snooping around this mine shaft has yielded a vein of gold for a story, again as The Amazing Lucas would say, “Ooooh my guudnesss! I use Lucas because this latest story has black people written all over it and the latest part ends with Lucas' Dems theory. In short, this startling next puzzle piece begins with today's Step-n' Fetch'it, Reverend Al Sharpton, the Elite's fave preacher-man that keeps 'em colored Dems in line by the god they know. Ignants, right? Take the jump to see why this leads to a Washington lynch mob!

Everyone here has seen the connection between SJWs, deep state, globalism, the Left deception, artistic prose, and Trump's fighting the System. When you throw in Q Anon it almost turns into a quagmire, not a family friendly Family Guy. The truth really is all around us if you just look for it and have help. A case in point is a friend who also believes in God.

He went to work one day last month and decided to park his car around at the rear of the massive furniture store. He parked his car, sipped his coffee, put up his sun screen and prepared to exit the car when he noticed a van sitting at an odd angle near the edge of the parking lot. Listening to that little voice, something both he and I have attuned our hearing to, he got a bad feeling about the two guys in the van and moved his 'nice car' around to a front corner. He parked there and went in to work.

Later that day as he was leaving work, he overheard this conversation between a receptionist by the time clock and another store salesman.

“You know when I got here this morning, I parked out back. I saw this van and thought since it was parked odd, it must be doing surveillance and so I parked there. Now I go out and find about $4000 worth of display merch for my second job gone. Stolen, by the guys in the van, I filed a report just now.”

My friend turned to me, “That guy is an atheist. I listened to the voice that said 'be wary.'” My friend is a real Muslim like in the OT, not in Wahhabism. This relates to Lucas because POC listen with their ears which leads in to their heart, their religion, and their history. Both the history and the religion are in the hands of those who can't spell RESPECT and his side boob-grabbing collage. Talk about holding hands with The Pope as he skates into hell. I honestly thought I was the only one until I met Lucas, online of course. Plus I don't work out. Hell, I'm glad to wake 'n' bake every morning.

Lucas also said what a number of other online people have chimed in on – Serena, WTF?

Actually most days I follow a number of different subjects for certain trends, like movies, Hollywood, fan feelings, and WOTS [word on the street], but The Amazing Lucas isn't called amazing for nothing. However, in the vid below Lucas gets scooped by a lynch pin, so to speak.  See for yourself if Sessions has picked up the 'art of the deal' and offered it to Loretta Lynch, who at the present doesn't have a book at like Clinton, Comey, Brazile, or me. Imagine that?

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