Sunday, October 21, 2018

UN or U OUT??


BSC, CA – Breaking now as I type this is a new kind of WAR and October Surprise for this mid-term election period from the Left, Democrats, and Globalists. This war was predicted by Nostradamus centuries ago, and just a few decades ago by the racial John Birch Society. The war involves weaponized immigrants who invade the target country. Sounds like a fantasy, doesn't it?

A reversal of Colonialism against the Nation of America [as foretold] started several days ago as we all, or mostly all laughed our butts off about Democratic Senator Elizabeth 'Sitting Bull' Warren who is doing the Kansas City Shuffle for the citizens. She has now served her purpose, it seems. The two videos after the jump spell out the complete plans for this country, according to real news. One of them is Alex Jones, of course.

This may wake you up to the real treat against this country, against the Constitution, against American citizens, and everything else you care about. The UN is something I covered in this column as far back as 2003 with CODEX, through a tip, my first back in the day. This isn't a story that is going away. You are just getting it first.

I hope you are sitting down for the start of this era of turmoil against U.S.

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