Sunday, October 14, 2018



BSC, CA - My grandmother is responsible for my outlook on educated people. She regarded Negros who went for degrees and pompous qualities as 'putting on airs' while wanting to be middle class. She thought education was good if it helped. It was bad if the education made you feel superior.

As people know, I'm not much into talking heads, no matter the field, but especially music. Most of the stars in the 90s and beyond are not on my 'buy list' or listen to habits. Rap music didn't last much longer than The Last Poets for me. However, I do know the names since I live in the culture. I did have a copy of Kanye West's famous rap about George Bush. I thought it told the truth.

In the last couple of days I have seen the West-Trump sit down. Beyond the plans which mirror the King offer by Kennedy, what is most striking is the tone being set by the Left, or Establishment news channels. After the jump we see a video summing up what many are feeling in the backlash [look quick, cough, cough]. Curiously this fits in to being Zardozed, imagine that?*

Again a vid which explains things.

(*- Originally confused with Trevor Noah. Sorry - ed)

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