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BSC, CA – If you haven't seen one of these Birds [below] hanging around where you live, shop, or just catch a bus, either you live where there is snow on the ground or you are not around the happening youth culture; hipsters in LA or college youth, like Riverside. In LA where they may still serve your sushi on a mini bullet train, motorized scooters are expected because LA has everything including hills. In Riverside as a young person campus bound, if you're not strolling, you're rolling. You either pump the peddle or push the pavement, all with your feet.

Lately motors have gotten smaller and stronger. This technology started with the Segue and morphed into the motorized 'hover board'. Most types were banned or at least given a bad rap about. A picture of a model follows after the jump. A little over two years ago, however, the motorized scooter start-up joined the electric bike for city dwellers. Not available in many climates, locales, or even neighborhoods, this is a niche market meant solely for the college youth, hipsters, and downtowners.

Pictured above is the Bird, a brand that appeared almost overnight as if dropped off by an after dark stork. The concept is simple, high tech, and used by savvy youth with good balance and grace. You download an app, plug in your Driver's lic/ID, and authorize the scooter's number in front of you, then twist the key. Hop onboard to ride like you did as a kid, except to look out for traffic since you ride them in the street like a bicycle. It appeared as if the Birds had this nest all to themselves, but you know what they say: “Build a better mousetrap and someone will duplicate yours” - Unknown

First we have a real hover board with motor for wheels instead of anti-grav, like Marty McFly's 2015 version from the movie and Dweeb cast video. Seen here is a UCR student returning from class surrounded by the walking and  driving.

If the Birds landed in Riverside overnight, their green competition named Lime made a showier entrance.

Before you knew it, there were little groups of 4 scooters, both kinds, clustered around.

It really didn't matter which brand you chose. They both got and get used by those up to 35.

The UCR school sponsored Bike Share program has vanished, without a trace.

However, electric bicycles are sparking attention in Downtown Riverside of late.

And also in various neighborhoods around Los Angeles, Bike Swap, all with motors.


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