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BSC, CA – In the 'now for something completely different' category we have the unannounced discovery of the long fabled city of Atlantis. Told of since the days of Plato's dialogues Timaeus and Critias, all mentions of Atlantis, the island, are based on them. The dialogues claim to quote Solon, who visited Egypt between 590 and 580 BC; they state that he translated Egyptian records of Atlantis. Written in 360 BC, Plato introduced Atlantis in Timaeus.

This wonder of ancient civilization, a cradle of the world of tomorrow, to us of today, it was wiped out entirely in a day. Reportedly located between the continents of America and Africa, somewhere in the Atlantic [hence Atlantis] Ocean, people have searched for the 'lost continent' for centuries, but to no avail. I remember growing up in last century and almost every 20 years someone would come along with a supposed location – ptuff!!

Above map drawing indicates current Pacific Ocean
However, and I have looked online at press time, there is no mainstream announcement of the Isle's location, but it has been discovered. Please hear me out. It has been discovered and in the most unlikely way, but just as Edgar Cayce, the sleeping prophet [1877-1945], predicted, the lost location was discovered in our day* – now. For those who think comics are worthless, the location comes to us from the new Aquaman movie, based on the DC aquatic superhero. In real life, the location was spotted by satellite, so make the jump for another look at how fiction crosses with real life that crosses with fable, which once was real life. Confused, I hope so.

First and foremost, we have to call out Bright Insight for their detective work that will soon be heralded.

Now a look at possibly how the area was wiped out. The Egyptian experts look more like stuffed shirts pimping their borrowed culture every day, cough, fake history.

And now how the movie version puts the Hollywood spin on reality, brought to us by the best movie critic since Roger Ebert, the one and only, Grace Randolph, an up and coming professional talent.


 (*- originally predicted in 1968-69, and maybe someone did, but it all counts as 'today'.)

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