Thursday, November 15, 2018



BSC, CA – Perhaps the ego pushing of Jim Acosta, coming from a Spanish speaking history, is the personal trial echoing the larger crisis of the migrant horde of people pushing their will upon the American people who believe in sovereign nations and what that means. Simply put, this is a push back against the 'new world order' espoused by the United Nations and Agenda 21. The Georgia Guidestones spell it out for any to see, if they look. Again, it is a matter of belief, not fake news since this exists in plain sight.

Were I President, I would cave and redesign the press area, putting a signal light on each school desk with an arm flap for writing. Signals mean no talking and the Prez or his secretary push the button to signal the reporter. Any talking from others gets immediate removal. Access resumed but vocal privileges are taken away. Also hang a sign, “We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone out of order, as with any public place.” - Law of the Land

Picture from original Murrieta story
The stand I took when Obama's Feds dropped unregistered kids onto Murrieta like a person dumping puppies over a fence is one about the law of the land. It doesn't speak to the causes or effects of American Imperialism. If you have a problem with that, sue the company that is doing it, which is easier say than done. But it can be done and has been by various activists. A better use of time and resources is to find out who is financing this movement and publicize or criminalize the organization as terrorist. Then put them on the list. The first 75 were chauffeured in, hand-picked for SJW, then camped, after the jump.

Our man in San Diego.

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