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BSC, CA – We break it down and you make the call!

Forget LeBron; plus the Dodgers are fishing now; Hollywood is too into SJWs and Mary Sues, so where's the action now? Not in movies when the real thing is so much better, and not fake, well, half of it. Let's take what is happening right under our noses on the East Side of town, meaning the University Side. We look at the last and final [?] meeting UCR is required [?] to have with their immediate neighbor, according to them. It's a Disney plot; a college steering itself into a 40k student range while at a 22k reality. Last story's 'kitten in panic mode' pic was about a marketing company who makes mundane universities into must-attend schools through branding. This line of thinking* is for people who live in a bubble, or off Victoria St.

So what got the student body leaders riled up about the misguided location and process concerning the ill-gotten idea of placing a high school with upwards of 1200 [800+400] and only dense foliage to keep underage females safe on an adult college campus? Is this Brussels or CERN? All this and more including a breakdown of the 'official' Q&A from UCR/RUSD, and Measure 'O'. Your tax dollars may be at work, but who's the boss? You'll wish it was Tony Danza because the people pushing this venture are displaying NIMBY, a disease found in some mindsets.

The appointed time arrived and people filtered in early.

A neighborhood organization, the locals who live, drive, and share the space, was represented. They had a sign-in sheet that is actually used in calling out to people, rather than just a prop, cough, Hollywood. Also handed out were Measure 'O' wording and items on historical records voted in by the people on promises made for the tax hustle.

The Board Decisions list of school priorities based on need puts State & Local funding at 4.4%. On this subset list of four at #3 is State (funds) New Construction Eligibility, under #1 which is Measure O on that list. The other priority headings are Failing Systems [61.7%], Statutory Requirements [24%], and School Capacity [9.9%], leaving S&L funding's 4.4% like Dr. Ford, found on road dead.

If you are asking yourself just how a new high school line-skipped pass Harrison, Highgrove, Jefferson, Madison, and Sierra Middle School, all you need to do is flip the script, er, page over to groups. Clue #1 - the devil is in the details, see above picture and end of story. The back page is separated into groups with Group A the highest need schools, to Group H. In each group there are a number of schools listed, like income brackets, with A being the lowest. The STEM School listed in Group F is NOT the proposed STEM High School to be located somewhere on UCR Campus. This is the existing STEM School which will become a feeder STEM school to the University STEM High School. To be added to Group A ahead of the aforementioned high schools is the UCR-RUSD project, when approved.

The room was very adequate for the size of audience which came there under the guise of having their input make a difference.

 Onboard were the usual suspects.

With the usual, pending approval solutions.

There was a flyer with 'questions' from the first meeting, answered. To cut to the chase, here is the answer sheet and headings on the UCR handout.

  • Transportation/Busing
  1. Non-question.
  2. Non-question with info on part-time students and major expense.
  3. Information as to total STEM student size [400+800 =s 800 to RUSD Board].
  4. BS from 'outside' experts [NIMBY].
  5. More local traffic incursion from RUSD [NIMBY].
  6. Same as Question 4. 

  • Design
  1. Extra parking access above RUSD pay grade [NIMBY].
  2. WTF/no brainer question - all filler-no thriller.
  3. North Campus still a project title?
  4. RUSD decides and approves STEM school protection, period and only, on UCR land. Who bears personal injury liability then?
  5. OK.
  • Site/Locations/Fields
  1. ???
  2. BS to students remembering who paid for fields. Vague relocation commitment to fields involved.
  3. More foot traffic through neighborhoods to shaved down hills beyond is a selling point.
  • Enrollment/Capacity/Program
  1. Lottery system (when was the last time you won?)
  2. Information about existing STEM School.
  3. Added transportation costs pork-bellied in for elites
  4. Planted question probably added by project handler - propaganda
  5. Additional traffic to happen all during the day, including Saturdays.
  6. Lottery question again.
  • UCR Resources
  1. Serf's Up. The real reason for an on-campus STEM high school instead of a central area useful to all locations. (Remember the devil is in the details?) 
  2. The reason for the ASUCR president's adamant address in our opening picture - exclusive!
  • Settlement Agreement
  1. The meaning of is is; a bone of contention.
  • Project Schedule for UCR and RUSD (to approval and project completion)  
The UCR-RUSD meeting opened with Jeff [UCR] explaining the questions sheet but eluding to the end result as a foregone conclusion.

The room was packed with many reading the UCR handout.

Many people spoke and those in attendance listened, but the voices of reason seem to fall upon hardened hearts. "Don't confuse me with facts, my mind is made up." goes the old saying.

But by the end the crowd was worn down by the Get Shorty attitude used to dismiss or sidestep local concerns and many had left.

 This appeared to be The End? To talk to someone official,

 Or you can call your Neighborhood Council, but You Make The Call!

(*- A survey about how student population thinks UCR is doing, and is going to be conducted by a company called 160over90. They are a Branding/PR firm. The topic of the article linked is 'Can University Brands Be Luxury Brands?' The article doesn't mention UCR per sec, but featured photos show the new UCR Student Rec facility, with complete labeling. 

So, is public education a business that now has to work at branding?  If UCR has 70k applicants for 6k available Riverside area slots, why hire a branding firm to market the campus and spend the students' financed shekels? Seems like they can't handle the demand they already have.  Just saying.)

Clue #1, see picture below:

On this Earth the Devil maybe the brightest but God has the Wisdom. Satan fell to the Earth, like a ...

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