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BSC, CA – First of all, Happy Thanksgiving, to everyone reading this. My personal T-Day feast happened earlier on a special Sunday up in Los Angeles, a few days before the official holiday meal. This special din-din took place in San Fernando Valley with the 420Nurses, and this year I noticed something that appeared in Memoirs of Mr. Pete & Mary Jane Green. That something was a civil political discussion at our table between a 'lost' Christian, an atheist, and me, in the middle like Malcolm.

This table wasn't a special table with place cards so it was totally random, like life. But when you consider the political atmosphere in this country between the Left and the religious Right, particularly in the Press [“enemy of the people”], on campuses with various speakers [Ben Shapiro, Dinesh D'Souza], and in public [Kavanaugh demonstrations], a civil, polite, opinion sharing isn't the order of the day. Today seems more like the call of the wild or a western barroom fight. So how did this orderly and rare discourse take place? Well, like the song line goes, “no, no, child, it wasn't me.”

As I looked at my plate of delicious food, handed out in a line that featured an ex-chef [medical patient], a corporate VP [patient], her dad, and others on a cool night in the Valley with thankfully no wind, and local live entertainment, it reminded me of some friends' affairs in the magical valley that I used to live in, a land of morning mists. Interestingly enough, the one person common to both settings wasn't just me. It was Mary Jane Green, the real star of my Memoirs. You see, marijuana cures more than ills.

Though this was the fourth annual Danksgiving and tickets were sold, everyone there wanted to be there. This year donations for the homeless were also taken and though no one present was an 'elite', it was an atmosphere of thanks giving for another year on the planet, and NO drama. There were handouts, especially in the edibles department, for those who appreciated medicating with munchies. There were a few raffles but I left my rabbit's foot at home [on purpose]. The rules are always the same – no cigarettes [tobacco] and no alcohol, period.

Though I came to the party with some goodies to smoke with the hosts, I never got the chance. But that's OK, because the SFV area is really growing on me every trip up that I take. Plus since this wasn't a sesh, there wasn't a volley of vendors to browse through. Maybe there were ten, if that, and they offered enough of a variety to satisfy the ones like me who might be shopping for a bit of flower. Since there were two [my number] vendors I hit them both, but one was recommended by my pen pal.

As the night ended on an interesting note and my carry-all was one thermal shirt lighter with me wearing it instead, one other surprise waited for me. When I got back to my night's dwelling, a hostel, someone was sleeping in my bed. Not wanting any drama with anyone, I went back to the night desk clerk. Shortly, due to me already checking in earlier, I had a room upgrade. Feeling like a king in Hollywood, I stepped across the street to medicate in the shadows by the car park*. It was perfect.

With the mind expansion that comes from THC cannabis, I thought about the 420nurses and how they had affected my life right from the start, at the Doomsday [12-21-2012] meeting of NORML when I officially announced my book was for sale on Amazon. So jazzed was I about them repping my book's best call-outs of Mary Jane, good health and good vibes, it took six months before I realized the prediction about them as a group was found in the last paragraph of Memoirs. Since then I have seen the group go from successful project to successful project, all within the mmj market.

The latest market expansion for the group is found in the 420Nurses Boutique, “After The Weed, We're All You Need”. Now available for shipping are CBD products. Please check your state for permission to receive CBD products for you and your pet[s]. CBD comes from cannabis but does not have the THC content which makes you 'high'. With more states coming online [Iowa starts a medical program in December, say what?] every month, it's good to contact a place where the staff experiences the products and can explain the best use of. Remember, 420Nurses aren't just models, they're model patients.

The story title comes from 1956 Rock 'n' Roll 7” hit, The Green Door by Jim Lowe. The following stanza sums up the MJ patient crowd community.

Saw an eyeball peeping through a smoky cloud, behind the green door.
When I said "Joe sent me"
Someone laughed out loud, behind the green door.
All I want to do is join the happy crowd, behind the green door.

(*- LA hipster slang for small car parking lot; heard in hostel. Travel broadens one.)

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