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BSC, CA – By now many people are wondering just how will Marvel wrap up Infinity Wars and the Big Snap. Thanos seems to be out of the picture as far as accomplishing his grand purpose, so we Marvel fans are left to our own theories about the End Game, a chess term that means 'That's All Folks'. For everyone else who watches TV, these folks are probably wondering just what could have been in the notes given to the politicians in the first two rows at George Herbert Walker Bush's funeral a few weeks back. The following is an opinion from our political staff and Sherlock Holmes fans, with one known Trump fan thrown in the mix.

Let's pick apart the scenario. First there was a note passed which went from Cheney to Clinton [Bill] then to the current VP, Mike Pence, and finally to a member of the armed forces staff inside the White House, all behind the back of President Trump, but in front of the camera and us in the audience. Many of us [me included] have passed or received notes through a handshake so we know what to look for.

The second note was delivered to various factions sitting in the first two rows of the chapel's left-hand side looking toward the altar. Interestingly, it was the women of the various VPs and ex-Prezs who received the invite looking notes, but by the attention and looks generated, this was no invite to a wedding. Out later in the casket rolling by ceremony, Laura Bush, “Shubby” Bush [George W], got hers handed to her by an agent. She gasped, then showed the message to Jeb who got a look of having his pants pulled down while commando, never to recover. Next it was hubby George who was shown the message. He lip-reading said “Yep.” You have the clues, make the jump for our conclusion, Dr. Watson.

There are also some obvious settings in this version of DC Clue. That setting is the method and selection of delivery for the notes. The first note passed is obviously a one-off job, meant only in a FYEO manner to a certain group or chain-of-command. This was followed by a certain snugness on the part of Hillery and glibness on the rest of the cast who got 'notes' in their funeral programs later. The office theory is that this is the suspected assassination plan. It also springs the trap to catch the guilty.

The second and more official note put in an invitation [invite] was inside the funeral program or delivered by Secret Service agents. For those who believe in a deep state, this is Spy vs Spy [Mad Magazine] stuff, and shows there are two sides at work. These two sides have been at play since the assassination of JFK and on a continuous line since the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. Speaking of JFK's hit, a while back President Trump reported that he was going to release all the JFK Papers from the government, but he didn't.

Perhaps Trump cut a deal. No release of all the facts until old George HW had deceased since he was directly involved in JFK's assassination by leading the wet works teams as the CIA agent in charge. In fact, George was the last member left who was directly involved. This is why 'Shubby' Bush simply said 'yep'. He knew Papa was involved. Hillary had figured things out cause she is a smart cookie. Some of the others were privy to the info, cough, Obamas, but others were, “Whaaaat?”

So how did this info play out to those involved? We feel the rest of the note said, “Your cover is gone.” Now they all are 'bolt holding'. Not really sure how this plays out to the other players but with 6000 pages of corruption in the Clinton Foundation, and secrets happening behind the scenes with barges and Gitmo, it's all on the table now, Sports Fans. If you're watching politics, this is better than civics class because we are seeing it happen on the national stage which is a big part of the world stage. With nation-state mindsets sweeping across Europe and borders again being set to maintain individual cultures, the “barbarians are being stopped in Europe” as foretold by Nostradamus.

However, here is where it gets dicey and maybe where my grandmother's prediction comes into play. Let's say that the deep state is rounded or broken up, with many going to the prison barges. When most of this plays out, people will breathe a sigh of relief and relax. Then when Granny said, “all hell will break out.”

What could this mean except what was forecast by the quatrain, a nuclear blast will hit NYC? The culprits will be the Iranians and the Chinese [disguised as North Koreans, remember the tea dump protestors dressed as 'Indians'?]. These two groups were part of the MH370 disappearance, see archives here. All these elements will take a while for the Congress to deduce, just like the phony Russian dossier that was covered here at least two years ago but still is dragged out in Washington and on the TYT less  than 24 hours ago. The establishment press are always tardy to the party. Also a JFK style hit isn't out of the picture for Trump though we feel he is a man of Destiny and Providence.

It seems that I meet everyday people who were once not too hip on Trump at first, but are now pleasantly surprised and happy about Trump. Trump, not being a politician, is now a plus to people who see the difference between being political, and calling a spade a spade. People are starting to see themselves in certain things that Trump does and the way he does them. Personally, I have always felt that Hillary and her crowd really underestimated a man who could make a billion dollars in New York City under any means. But that's me and this is just an opin piece.

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