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BSC, CA – It is curious that GHWB died, a man who led the drug war and made zillions off it, but was saved in World War 2 by hemp parachute rigging, and less than a month later the 2018 Farm Bill is signed allowing American Farmers to grow hemp again for industrial use. Actually not since WWII, 'the big one', have American Farmers been allowed to grow hemp. The #WeDidIt crowd is smoking a fatty today in celebration for Americans everywhere. It would seem a great evil has been lifted, according to the aware. Anyone else is clueless or zardozed but look for suits not horns. This is Christmas, for God's Sake!

Seriously though, the re-weeding of hemp into American farming culture could mean a different path since other crops grown inside rings of hemp don't require herbicides, or at least not in the same amounts. This can effect products like Roundup, already in the spotlight. But the ripple has just started, as foretold in Memoirs of Mr. Pete & Mary Jane Green. This day in history has been a long time in coming, see rear cover text after jump.

But behind this monumental Washington policy change, recently deadlocked until a non-politician came along, is the 'no-bullshit in the China shop' President, businessman and billionaire, Donald J. Trump. Though many dislike this man on emotional propaganda [many friends but not all], no one can argue with hemp not being good business sense for the environment and the human body, save the Cotton Industry with their historical baggage and carbon footprint. This won't be featured on CNN. 

Just how far this battle over cannabis [hemp] goes back, is indicated here for all to see. And it has been hidden in plain sight all along. Cannabis is in the Bible.

Except for the rear cover text first paragraph, everything else was written after being at Occupy LA for about two months, and then suffering two epiphanies resulting in a re-write of the entire 20th chapter. While the industrial uses of hemp and cannabis are covered earlier in my work, all Biblical references to cannabis occur in the 20th Chapter.

Two other books are mentioned in Memoirs as historical references. One is the 'pot bible' by Jack Herer, The Emperor Wears No Clothes and Green Gold, The Tree of Life; Marijuana In Magic And Religion by Judy and Lynn Osburn, and Chris Bennett. Both works will bring you up to speed. So what is the speed for today? That Mary Jane is back in town and the Republicans under Donald Trump are delivering, whereas under Obama all the Dems did was promise [plantation politics].

Seriously though, back in the day even before I was posting news online as a citizen journalist and starting to become aware of pot's medicinal side, I was one of the very few cannabis activists who knew that George Soros was involved with Prop 215, and I had the proof! But it wasn't like Soros needed the Cali law to get marijuana. Rich people can get whatever they want, including justice.

This information plus the tee shirts I made for the Prop got me noticed and involved in the cannabis field as a cause, beyond just smoking the good weed. The couple I met, the Victors, seated in the picture below [white hat, blue dress] knew Jack Herer and so I got to meet the legend. It was Jack who gave me the veiled clue, "medical marijuana is the worst thing to happen to pot." This was also the first official smoking of the strain 'Jack Herer'. It all happened in Topanga Canyon. I thought about this moment, too.

The second meeting with Jack just a year before he died brought forth the Biblical aspect and Jack blessed the last name, a Christian name, that I had given the female side of the plant species. Mary Jane Green. She was the star of the historical pot manuscript I told Jack about the first time we met. The name was obvious in its simplicity and meaning but came to me over a bowl. It was 2009, July. In October, on Halloween, the 420nurses would become an all-female social network brand headquartered close to Topanga Canyon Blvd..

In 2011 toward the end of the year, Occupy Los Angeles happened. Covering the story and event for political news, I met [visually] the LA Cannabis Scene. Melissa Balin, Jeff Clark, Richard Eastman [who didn't need a mic], and a young woman dressed as a nurse but obviously a model. There may have been others but these folks stood out as the scene leaders. Though a common theme in the no-alcohol camp, pot's political status was only one issue out of the many social ills being 'signed' at those willing to read. We also saw 'fake' news in action as the mainstream media treated the affair like a Facebook moment.

By the end of 2012, on Doomsday in fact, I was invited to join the group, 420Nurses, at a NORML potluck after announcing the book's official public release. I looked at the young women who were dressed to show a curious mix of two features about cannabis; the medical side and the sexual side. Was I the luckiest guy to piss west of the Mississippi or what, when you consider the topic of my book?

While the business cards got the desired notice, either the tag line or the two women, it was six months later that I noticed the last paragraph in Memoirs, which predicts the group of cannabis maidens [young women] and me. Now I was laughing on the outside but wondering on the inside. Am I a witness to the future stated in my book, delivered in two epiphanies that are Chapter 20?

Now the answer seems 'YES' because of the involvement with other close associates in this tight knit band of extraordinary stoners and our common sense President, a non-politician.

There is one other thesis put forth in Memoirs concerning the Biblical aspect. How could the Bible cover every subject known to Man and not have included any taught word about cannabis? Turns out this is another piece hidden in plain sight, Bible-wise. The 'two' trees in the center of the Garden are only identified as the Tree of [All] Knowledge and the Tree of Life. Metaphorically these 'trees' are female cannabis and male hemp, the only plant I know of with actual genitalia to identify their sex [M/F].

Now we know what can replace the Petrol dollar and a currency-based system. Soros knew, and so do you.

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