Friday, December 28, 2018



BSC, CA – Perhaps you didn't watch the news of Poppy Bush's funeral that was filmed by ABC News. The funeral was presented like any other State honored funeral with cameras photographing the public celebrities that are known to the people as national politicians, aka, past Presidents and Vice Presidents. In fact, these were the two groups [wives included, no seat fillers] that occupied the right hand front two rows of the chapel. With the exception of son, GWB, breaking down at the loss of his father as he spoke, the whole public event could have been on Dynasty. Instead, it was reality TV.

There are those who didn't believe there is a coup happening right in front of the American public's eyes for the leadership of this country, the last empire as told by both Old and New Testaments in the Bible. This belief was solidified by the actions showed on live TV the shenanigans with the body language and smiles all around. We, the public, saw notes been passed like we were watching a high school class. The arrogance of this evil is really appalling and the contempt for the public is a toast to a shot and a beer, cough Dick Cheney.

The funeral mood was shattered for the 'in crowd' by an envelope passed to certain couples via their funeral program. Not everyone on the front rows got an envelope and ex-President Carter is still looking for his envelope, I've heard. The mood went from 'We Got This' to “Uh Oh” to 'Aw Sh&T' after the envelope drop. Also there is a definite contempt for President Trump but like the 23rd Psalm says, “I will fear no evil in the Valley of the Shadow of Death,.. in the presence of mine enemies.” Also there were two types of notes passed. After the jump we look at both.

Rather than a lot of words from me, we let the vids speak for us and always invite you to do your own research.

"Politics is show business for ugly people." - Paul Begala 

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