Thursday, December 20, 2018


The Latest From Our Local Punk -

BSC, CA – If you're sandwiched between the themes of death & acceptance on one side, what can be on the other side? What else, shame & empathy of course. It's the same local music scene but a different artist and music style. If you are from around back in the day, you have to remember Nice Day Vince from the scene. That Vince is now Alex in Xuper Punktonix and their newest 5 song EP comes out tomorrow. Follow this link to check things out.

Like Keenwild, Vince was around long before he became a name in the music scene, and once again, I was there. This time almost goes back as far as Bill and starts with the valley's Best Buy, still a powerhouse for appliances to the area. Vince and I were part of the Best Buy team who opened the place. What a three day weekend. It started with a Friday the 13th and has never stopped. Vince played one of the last Madlins show that Bill put on there.

From there Vince developed as a solo artist and later with a band called Nice Day. However today I got a close haircut to reflect the punk that V, er, Alex has become. The five songs show Alex has a world view that runs with today and everything being a bit lop-sided when compared to how things were once thought of. The three piece Xuper Punktonix is featured in our lead in graphic.

The EP which is released tomorrow stars our photographed punk, Alex, who is back in the valley for the holidays and seeing family. Enjoy the rain-less weather here and dry out.


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