Tuesday, December 4, 2018



BSC, CA – On the day before Dec. 5th, the BSC presents what you need to know about the 'deep state'. In this report we will answer how you can see traces of the deep state, basically like the matrix since it is hidden in plain sight. Though the objects of the deep state may not be evident in your locality, the reality is that all you have to do is pull a dollar from your pocket and examine it for the tiny owl symbol. This connects you with strings like a puppet to the program the deep state controls.

And it is a program, make no mistake. And you are a part of it. You and your family have been a part since before you were born. The deep state plan goes back centuries but since in this Day all of Man's secrets are revealed, the deep state is being exposed for all to see. So you may ask, 'what can you do to fight against the deep state' – nothing! Absolutely nothing because you are a part of it all. The best thing for you is to be aware. There are others who fight the deep state for you, just pray for them.

In fact, there is a battle for the world and America, even as we write. Some of the players are well known, like President Trump, but most are hidden from view like in a horror movie. Hidden does not mean they don't exist. When we go into the history of the deep state you will see just how this plan endures. As stated before, you cannot fathom the depth of this deep state unless you know politics, religion, and magic. At this level of life the air is rarefied, so strap on your helmet, Gordy, you're going in. Make the jump, if you're ready. If not, no problem. Just go back to CNN's Don Lemon, who rails against 'white men as a terror threat' then goes home to one every night. My question is, who wears the ball gag?

Presenting the first video about the Deep State.

Second, how they 'control us'.

The tip top of the pyramid.

To be continued...

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