Sunday, December 2, 2018



BSC, CA – There has been a lot going going on lately so I will just hit the tops of what you see in plain sight before skipping backstage to give you a real glimpse of reality, or in today's terms – Disclosure. BTW, get Alex Jones a WH Press Pass next to Jim Acosta before Dec. 17th.

President Trump's detractors were wrong again about the Honduran horde just as the woman long on name and short on brain is elected to Congress. Antisemitism is highlighted and reacted to, as it should be. Hillary Clinton walks back her Open Borders philosophy for Europe as Christian ethics and traditions retake European values. The Honduran government takes our foreign aid and buys our coke [not the soda]. A major unreported scandal has a new death invoked. Roger Stone is working on a pardon for Assange who may have been indicted, not good news for Dems or their Russian collusion label. Chem trails are now official; good news, eh, Dane? And don't forget your flu shot.

Now I won't be at a movie event happening tomorrow in DTLA [downtown Los Angles] linked here through SecureTeam10, a YouTube channel that reminds me of the real life program Sightings before the fictional hit, “The X-Files”, replaced it. After the jump we head into an interview with another movie's creative talent on a different film. This feature is for those aware of 'Q', the deep state, and our present global situation, or at least those curious concerning the question of what's it all about, Alfie? Though this represents a high level of reality, it isn't the stage wings view.

Now the edge of tomorrow.

And last but not least, George Soros and company have been kicked out of the third country and ex-President and another George "Poppy" H.W. Bush expired on this earth two days ago.

That's the news so far but Dec 5 is just around the corner. Also coming soon - The Deep State, a story in three vids. Remember, this is the start of the Noggy Season.

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