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BSC, CA – Coming out in about a week from The New Yorker magazine is a piece about marijuana. Once upon a time The New Yorker gave you well researched information about those hidden topics you always wondered about. For me it was an article about Carl Barks, the good Disney artist who drew and wrote the best Uncle Scrooge stories, ever. It was a pleasure to learn the details about someone whose artistry as a storyteller I admired as a kid, then appreciated more as a teen. Those were the days I remember of The New Yorker.

The New Yorker wasn't just the long, detailed articles about various subjects; there were the cartoons, one of which is shown here as our lead in. Always more than just humorous, many cartoons featured a satirical bite as well as a smile. Finally, there were the magazine covers. It seemed every cover was a work of art, meaning that each time you looked, you saw another detail or aspect in the cover drawing art. I recall one cover in particular. It showed the view from New York City looking west. You had your 'flyover land' and then Hollywood-LA and the Pacific Ocean. The states between NY and the West Coast were one land mass. Those were the days I remember from The New Yorker.

I don't read The New Yorker much now because I live on the West Coast but an upcoming article caught my eye because it headlines “Is Marijuana as Safe as We Think?” Being a medical marijuana person, activist, and author [in that order], I was curious to see how the stalwart New Yorker Magazine now dot com, holes up in these modern times, though I knew the thickness had slimmed on the hard copy. Maybe the mag was healthier. Then I read the article, actually the first paragraph. Alas, those were the days my friend, we wished they would never end, but they did. And this article had an overlay ad touting that this wasn't fake news, how could I not read it? Make the jump and see how the view is now toward Mary Jane 'Green' from New York City, Peter Parker's hometown, written by a skinny Canadian, and you understand South Park's POV.

What is fake news? You could say that it is news written about fakes. If you write a story about quacks, doctors who are phony, you are writing 'fake' news. You could also say that you are writing news on a subject which you know nothing about. That would also be fake. However, when you do both at once, that's as fake as it can get, especially in these days of resources being everywhere given you don't live off the grid.

After reading the article and finding out nothing new from experts [Alex Berenson, Erik Messamore] who draw conclusions of causality while admitting a mystery, I wondered why didn't the journalist do any research himself so I checked out his creds, and they are impressive, plus he has 6 books out. Given his name, Malcolm Gladwell, which won't get him into the 'in crowd', this article illustrates the difference between a journalist and a writer. Given the internet, there is no excuse for phoning it in. Otherwise, it's like getting sex advice from the Pope. Gladwell article link.

So here's some help for your research since you write and I take it that you read. ISBN 0-9629872-2-0, ISBN 1-878125-02-8, and ISBN 9781478318217 are the places to start. There is one other source of research and that would be you, Malcolm. Don't be stuck in the middle between what you hear and what you know. If you have a cool friend, spark one up. The third book listed tells you exactly how to experience smoking marijuana in the best first time way. Also go with an indica or hybrid that's indica dominant, a suggestion.

One last warning about doing self research: red pilling. Nuff said.

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